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ThinkFirst Injury Prevention Program

TriHealth (Bethesda North and Good Samaritan Hospitals) has provided the Think First Injury Prevention Program to Greater Cincinnati for over 37 years. Think First is a National Injury Prevention Foundation with over 250 Chapters across the United States. Each year the Think First message has an extensive reach for local students, parents, and community members throughout Greater Cincinnati. These programs are housed within TriHealth Community Benefit/TriHealth Mission. These programs provide reportable Community Benefit for TriHealth.

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Crosstown Concussion Crew

A program developed by TriHealth Think First in collaboration with Mayfield Clinic to address educating high school and middle school students as well as youth athletes on sports safety and concussion management/prevention. Education by Physicians, Health Care Professionals and College Students from local universities. 

TriHealth Cribs for Kids

A collaborative program with Bethesda North and Good Samaritan Hospital Maternity Services dedicated to prevention of sudden infant death syndrome through provision of CPSC approved cribs at reasonable cost for at risk mothers. Program entails identification of at risk parents, parental education and crib provision. Program administered through Perinatal Programs and Maternity Services at Bethesda North and Good Samaritan Hospital.

Think First for Your Baby

An initiative whose goal is to reduce unintentional injuries in infants (under the age of one year) through prenatal education combined with home visit follow-up. The program will target two high-risk populations; pregnant teens and Hispanic women. The educational sessions take place at the Bethesda North Hospital. Program funded through Bethesda Foundation.

ThinkFirst for Preschool Children/Safety Rocks

An interactive learning experience for preschool age children that teaches injury prevention at home, school and on the playground. This is a partnership between TriHealth ThinkFirst and Southwest Kiwanis for Kids.

Think First for Kids

Young children between the ages of 9 and 14 are at tremendous risk for serious injury, and even death. At this age, children are beginning to experience freedom while riding bicycles around the neighborhood, playing sports, and exploring life.

Think First for Kids was developed as a means to educate young children in fun, informative ways within local schools. Grant funding has made it possible to provide curriculum materials to 105 local schools. In addition, generous funding has assisted in providing various public awareness campaigns through interactive programs that help children learn you can be safe, prevent injury and still enjoy life.

Think First for Youth

Provides youth with lessons on decision-making skills, a confident self-image, and an ability to resolve conflicts and withstand peer pressure. The curriculum includes a variety of different teaching styles and age-appropriate activities to best meet the learning and development needs of the students.
Ages: Grades 4-8

Speaker's Bureau through TriHealth Think First

To become a Health Care Speaker or a VIP ( Voice for Injury Prevention) speaker please contact us at (513) 865-1742.

Think First for Teens

Assembly based program that focuses on decision-making skills. This moving program captivates students and empowers them to Think First and weighs the consequences of risk-taking behavior. The assembly includes:

  • An award winning film poignantly describing the cause and effect of traumatic injuries using testimonials from injured young people.
  • A presentation including information about why they are at risk, how traumatic injuries occur, and simple prevention strategies.
  • A conversation with a young person who has sustained a brain or spinal cord injury, providing students with an opportunity to learn about the physical, social and emotional consequences of such injuries.

Think First Teen Driving program

Content: A classroom and assembly based program that specifically targets the issue of teen driving.

Information in program includes:

  • Viewing video: Three drivers; eighteen lives
  • Healthcare speaker with slides and prevention/safety message, review of State of Ohio Teen Driving Laws Featured speaker with personal message about safe driving and risk reduction

Ages: Grades 10-12 (Optimum age 16 for new drivers)

Video: Three drivers; eighteen lives Teen Driving Video

Content: This video provides the personal account of three teen drivers/passengers involved in fatal car crash situations. Each teen shares their own reality from a fatal car crash. The discussion guide that accompanies the video is intended for the health teacher/drivers education instructor to facilitate discussion among students regarding prevention of teen driving injuries.

TriHealth Think First for Seniors

TriHealth Think First for Seniors offers community based programs for seniors. Areas addressed are: home safety, fall prevention, Think First to Prevent Falls, Stepping On Program, TAI CHI FOR HEALTH and CARFIT. These are all programs through TriHealth Think First geared towards seniors and drivers ages 60 and older. Programs are held at Bethesda North Hospital and other community based sites affiliated with Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.

Contact us at (513) 865-1742 for additional information and to schedule your ThinkFirst Program.

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