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Healthcare for Children in Cincinnati

TriHealth Pediatrics

Seamless Health Care for All Stages of Childhood

Finding the right doctor is an important first step in your child’s care. Our physicians are committed to providing compassionate, high-quality care from birth until adulthood. TriHealth provides comprehensive, patient-centered care for children and their families with Cincinnati's largest network of primary care pediatric providers.

  • Our physicians provide comprehensive pediatric services including: well-child visits, immunizations, developmental delays, behavioral issues, and sports physicals
  • TriHealth delivers more babies than any other Cincinnati health system
  • TriHealth Pediatrics offers telehealth programs, including Video, E-Visits or Telephone screenings to provide convenience and easy access to care

130+ TriHealth Pediatric Primary Care Physicians

30+ locations to access care for your child

Same day appointments for acute care needs and 24/7 nurse helpline

24/7 nurse helpline

  • Convenient Health Care

    TriHealth has the largest network of pediatricians in the region.

  • Expecting Parents

    TriHealth is Cincinnati’s most trusted hospital system for the delivery of babies.

  • Mental Health

    There are many aspects to mental and emotional health.


    Well-Child Care for Infants

    Our pediatricians strive to give children the best care available. At these visits, the pediatrician will perform an assessment of weight, length, head circumference, early developmental milestones, and nutrition.

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    TriHealth Video Visits Available

    To provide additional convenience and easy access to care, you can connect with your TriHealth pediatrician via Video or E-Visits and Telephone screenings.

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    24 Hour Pediatric Nurse Lines

    Queen City Physicians Butler :  (513) 738-0500 or (513) 522-0300

    Group Health Locations : (513) 246-7000

    Queen City Physicians Glenway : (513) 246-8900

    Queen City Physicians Madeira : (513) 936-2150

    Queen City Physicians Oxford/Ross : (513) 523-2156

    Queen City Physicians Western Ridge : (513) 246-8900


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