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September 27, 2023

TriHealth Partnering with Virgin Pulse’s Wellbeing Platform & App

TriHealth Partnering with Virgin Pulse’s Wellbeing Platform & App

TriHealth, Cincinnati’s leading integrated health care delivery system, has announced a partnership with Virgin Pulse as a new distributor of their Wellbeing Platform & App. The collaboration pairs the innovative wellness technology of Virgin Pulse with TriHealth’s 35-plus years’ experience in workplace wellbeing to further support employers’ efforts to help employees achieve short- and long-term wellness goals.

“Our collaboration with Virgin Pulse allows us to build on TriHealth’s legacy of wellbeing expertise, combining it with industry-leading digital technology to advance the future of wellness: Precision Wellbeing,” said Senior Director of TriHealth Corporate Health John Jacobs. “Our new wellness platform and app integrates TriHealth’s population-based wellbeing programs with credible, on-demand resources tailored to each participant’s individual interests and goals. This allows employees to access wellbeing resources when and how they want, bolstering the ability of employers to embed wellbeing into the workplace and enhance team health, engagement and performance.”

The new app serves as an intuitive digital tool that TriHealth wellness coordinators, coaches and dietitians can use to help engage employees in healthy behaviors, provide access to information and resources, and track rewards and incentives, such as Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions. TriHealth Corporate Health currently administers the platform for multiple client companies as part of their workplace wellbeing programs and is working with additional area employers to introduce the new platform for their employees.

Employers interested in learning more can visit or contact TriHealth Corporate Health at 513-891-1622 to arrange for a demo of the new platform.